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Born and raised in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, Thomas has been licensed in Illinois as a Massage Therapist and body worker since 2008. He graduated from the Chicago College of Healing Arts, where he received excellent training in several bodywork modalities. Specializing in the healing aspects of massage therapy, Thomas shapes sessions around each client's individual needs and past experiences with massage. Ultimately, he uses a variety of techniques to attain a level of health and maintain that level through the ups and downs of every day stress in the city of broad shoulders.

In addition to massage therapy, Thomas is also trained in other aspects of total client care, such as aromatherapy and mind/body relaxation techniques. He has considerable skills in the following modalities: Swedish massage, Shiatsu, trigger point therapy, psycho-physical therapy, orthopedic assessment/postural analysis, and cranial-sacral therapy. He recently finished a course of advanced techniques in Myofacial release, and also received his certification as a Structural Therapist (similar to Rolfing).